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The Corporate Newsletter For The Trinidad & Tobago IFC

  • ISSUE 22 – Article 6

    T&T IFC Signs MoU with ACCA: Building Superior F&A Professionals in Trinidad and Tobago

    The knowledge, skills and innovations that the people of a country accumulate and produce are the greatest assets of a thriving economy. For Trinidad and Tobago, we possess an unusual wealth of highly skilled Finance and Accounting (F&A) talent that sets us apart from other business process outsourcing locations. To strengthen our hold on this unique selling proposition, the T&T IFC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in August 2019. This MoU is critical as we continue to partner with leading educational institutions to build the skills and

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  • ISSUE 22 – Article 5

    The Trinidad & Tobago IFC In Suriname: Developing FinTech Solutions 

    On 15th September, the Chairman, CEO and Manager, Financial Markets Development travelled to Suriname to meet with representatives of the Southern Commercial Bank N.V. (SCB), the Centrale Bank van Suriname (CBvS), Telesur and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

    The T&T IFC was given an overview of the ongoing initiatives of the CBvS and its work with FinTechs to facilitate their operations, which are seen as a key component to achieve financial inclusion and offer financial services to the underbanked and unbanked. This is in line with the objectives of the Government of Suriname to provide e-services to its

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  • ISSUE 22 – Article 4

    Shared Services: A Consolidation of Benefits

    Shared Services: Definition

    “Shared Services” is a term defining what occurs when “non-core” services used by multiple parts of the same organisation are merged and provided by one department or organisation in an effort to streamline operations. Thus, a service previously delivered within several different organisations is consolidated and provided unitarily by one organisation from a centralised location, or a joint venture, provided by two or more organisations. Shared Services centres can be set up at different locations. Service centres within the same country are considered to be on-shore service centres. However, if the Shared Services is provided in another country but is in

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  • ISSUE 22 – Article 3

    Financial Markets Development: Central Bank Meets Blockchain 2019 Conference

    The Manager, Financial Markets Development attended the 3rd annual ‘Central Bank Meets Blockchain’ Conference, on the 10th September 2019, which was hosted by Bitt Inc. at the Barbados Hilton. The Conference aimed to educate   the public, regional governments and central banks on the transformational impact and benefits of employing Blockchain Technology to enhance the financial system.

    This year’s conference focused on the Caribbean Settlement Network (CSN), a proposed regional public good, which intends to resolve the decades-long challenge of cross-border trade and remittance settlement among Caribbean nations. Mr. Rawdon Adams, CEO, Bitt Inc. and one of the featured speakers, highlighted the

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  • ISSUE 22 – Article 2

    Do you speak Fintech?

    We are calling all FinTech advocates who are ready to shape our financial ecosystem to join the FinTech Association of Trinidad and Tobago – FinTech T&T.

    Let’s partner to:

    • Advocate – For common ecosystem and consumer solutions
    • Collaborate – Identify symbiotic partnership opportunities
    • Educate – Leverage extensive workshops and training opportunities

    Email us at fintech@ttifc.co.tt to lodge your interest in becoming a member.

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  • ISSUE 22 – Article 1

    ­­­ CEO’s Message

    As a state agency, our fiscal year follows that of the Government and the July-September edition of the Quarterly always provides an opportunity for us to consider the last year of operations and simultaneously provide a roadmap for our upcoming trajectory. 

    Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre (T&T IFC) began this year on a wave of redefinition, which was critical in the previous period, given sea-changes in the international financial services industry – in the areas of FinTech and global moves to digitisation of financial services. 

    Therefore, the Company executed a series of targeted outreach activities pivoting around co-creating a new ‘brand essence’, through interaction with our respective

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