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Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

The Central Bank Act of 1964 entrusts the Central Bank with a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Issuing and redeeming currency
  • Developing and implementing monetary policy
  • Acting as banker and advisor to the Government
  • Acting as banker to the commercial banks
  • Issuing of securities on behalf of the Government
  • Managing the foreign exchange market and protecting the external value of the currency
  • Investing the country's external reserves and the HSF
  • Fostering and promoting financial stability
  • Conducting intelligence-gathering and research

The Central Bank is also instrumental in the development of the Trinidad and Tobago financial system and continues to adopt policies which foster economic growth and development. 




Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (‘the Authority’) was established in July 2004 by the enactment of the Telecommunications Act 2001 Amended by 17 of 2004 as the independent regulatory body responsible for the transformation of the telecommunications sector from a virtual monopoly to a competitive environment.

The Authority is responsible not only for the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, but also for regulating both telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, managing spectrum and number resources, establishing equipment and service quality standards, setting guidelines to prevent anti-competitive practices and encouraging investment in order to facilitate the availability of affordable telecommunications and broadcasting services to all.



Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

The Commission has three primary functions which include registration of all market actors and the securities that they offer; surveillance of the market; and enforcement of the legislation which governs the functioning of the industry. 

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Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited

The Stock Exchange is the nation's centralized market place for buying and selling stocks or shares and other securities. In addition to increasing the investment options available to individuals, it also provides a mechanism through which companies can raise capital for expansion purposes by issuing stocks and bonds.