ISSUE 26 – Article 4

November 2, 2020



The Trinidad & Tobago International Financial Centre (T&T IFC) is currently positioned as the driving force for FinTech integration in Trinidad and Tobago. While FinTech integration has proved to be critical due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s thrust towards economic recovery, there is still an urgent need for more public education and discourse on how FinTech will affect the economy, businesses and citizens.

In light of this, the T&T IFC produced the webinar series Making T&T a FinTech-Enabled Financial Services Hub as a means of providing knowledge touchpoints and receiving feedback on the concerns of different stakeholders on FinTech and FinTech Integration in T&T.

These webinars were very successful with over 1,000 people engaging with the material produced over the quarter.

The first webinar took place on Wednesday 29th July 2020 and looked at FinTech Integration as a Pillar for National Recovery. Panellists included stakeholders from the private sector and representation from the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), who has been working with the T&T IFC on several FinTech-related initiatives.

The second webinar titled Human Capital Development for FinTech Industries sought to provide insights into the opportunities available for organisations and professionals in a FinTech-Enabled T&T. One major revelation was the fact that Evolve Mortgage Services Trinidad & Tobago – a FinTech company focused on mortgage facilitation, expanded its local workforce during the pandemic despite the restrictions.

Part three of the webinar series Exploring the Potential Benefits of FinTech in T&T explained the T&T IFC’s role in developing the Financial Services Sector, and more specifically our thrust towards a FinTech Integrated T&T.  The panel consisted of Richard P. Young, Chairman of the T&T IFC’s Board of Directors, along with the  company’s Chief Executive Officer, Omar Sultan-Khan and Vice President, Financial Markets Development Chandarath Maharaj.

The webinar gave great insight into the importance of the government’s emphasis on Digital Transformation in creating an enabling ecosystem for FinTech. The panellists also gave an overview of the benefits and challenges of FinTech Integration.