Stakeholder Forum And Digital Payments Roadmap Update

September 14, 2022

Stakeholder Forum and Digital Payments Roadmap Update

The TTIFC hosted its second virtual Public Sector Stakeholder Forum and Roadmap Update on 27 April 2022.

A follow-up from its first session in November 2021, forums are part of the TTIFC goal to drive digital financial services adoption across all sectors in Trinidad and Tobago to improve the access and delivery of public services to citizens.

Stakeholders in the public sector play a critical role in the realization of creating a cashless society in Trinidad and Tobago and driving the Government’s agenda for greater financial inclusion.

With over 175 participants from ministries and state agencies attending, some of the main questions centered around how these procedures will firstly, affect their ability to work and serve the public and secondly, positively impact the citizens who need it the most.

As such this session sought to provide insights into the progress of the TTIFC’s work and greater clarity and understanding of the steps involved in implementing any solutions for use.

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