The T&T IFC ‘Resourceful Allies’ Webinar Series

February 15, 2021

Building on the success of the ‘FinTech Integration’ webinar series, the T&T IFC continued to partner with both local and international allies to produce content for its new ‘Resourceful Allies’ series.

Continuing into 2021, this series provides the opportunity to highlight our partnerships and outline how our strategic alliances work towards making T&T a FinTech-enabled Financial Services Hub.

On Wednesday 28th October 2020, the T&T IFC hosted the first edition of the webinar series with our ally DIV Solutions, a leading data science and analytics firm in the region. Titled ‘Applying Data Science to the Caribbean Financial Services Sector’, the webinar focused on demystifying the world of Data Science.

To open the session, T&T IFC’s CEO Omar Sultan-Khan gave an overview of the T&T IFC’s mandate and  its  role  in developing the human capital of T&T through data science.

The team from DIV Solutions followed this by focusing on the technical aspects of applying data science in the financial sector. The speakers broke down common terminologies used in data science, the key roles for those engaged in the field, and explained the steps companies should take to integrate data science into their operations.


Speakers from DIV Solutions included Eddy Devisse, Managing Director; Professor Patrick Hosein, founder & Chief Research Officer; Dr. Andrew Borg, Chief Technology Officer; and Data Scientists Jodhan Medina and Nicolas Jacob.

Part two of the ‘Resourceful Allies’ webinar series, ‘Read All About It – The Language Of FinTech’ was held on Wednesday 25th November 2020 with our ally the FinTech Association of T&T (FinTechTT).

The session focused on various elements of FinTech, including the critical factors that influence FinTech Integration and the adoption of FinTech in Trinidad and Tobago. The speakers also outlined the opportunities and challenges facing T&T in its quest to become a cashless society.

FinTechTT was represented by its Directors, Maria Daniel, Keva Doyle, and Tracy Hackshaw, while the T&T IFC was represented by Rudolph Hanamji, Manager Marketing & Communications and Chandradath Maharaj, Vice President Financial Markets Development.